Driving Tips for Holiday Safety on the Road

We’re enjoying the comfort and elegance of Christmas lights and Christmas carols around historic downtown Savannah, GA. Sirens and police lights are, of course, less festive. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are three of the most dangerous days to drive. This makes caution all the more critical as reckless behavior during this time of merriment interferes with everyone’s holiday cheer. Refer to these holiday driving safety tips courtesy of Lasky Justus Law to stay safe on the road! 


#1: Hand Over Your Keys

If you’re planning on bringing in the season by raising a bottle of your favorite booze and cheers-ing with family and friends, be cautious and plan. Make sure someone in your group is not drinking and can act as your designated driver. Alternatively, look into rideshare options, such as Lyft or Uber — be sure to take advantage of any promotions in advance as costs tend to soar around the holidays. 

Statistically, the odds of getting charged with a DUI during the holiday season are much higher. Why? Well, people are obviously celebrating, but also because there are more police checkpoints and patrol cars out. 

#2: Drive Defensively

Leading up to Christmas and the New Year, more drivers are on the road visiting family and friends than there usually are. Drivers must practice defensive driving techniques to minimize the chances of getting into an auto accident and avoid injuries. 

How do I practice defensive driving? Make sure your attention is entirely on the road and not food, phone, pets, or make-up. Make sure your eyes are constantly moving; check your mirrors, the flow of traffic, etc. Give yourself plenty of room between you and the car in front of you — tailgating is unsafe and makes the holidays less joyful for everyone! 

#3: Check Your Local Traffic Report

If you’re traveling in or around the Savannah area, be sure to check our local traffic reports. If you’re traveling outside city limits, consult a travel app to monitor traffic patterns. There’s no worse feeling than feeling rushed and being stuck in traffic. Everyone has somewhere to go and obligations to attend to, so there may be tension on the road. Avoid road rage and traffic jams altogether by starting early and giving yourself enough time to plan for traffic. 

#4: Pay Attention to the Forecast

Luckily for locals, we don’t have to worry about navigating the stress of driving in flurries. After all, it hasn’t snowed in Savannah since 2018! That being said, many of us are traveling north to visit family and friends in other states where snow (and storms) are more commonplace. People in Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Michigan, etc., are pros when it comes to driving amid winter conditions. 

We recommend that those traveling to chillier states study up before hitting the road and heading toward a particularly snowy state. If it looks like a storm is on the horizon, plan ahead and have a place to wait it out in mind. 

#5: Planning & Preparation Is Key

Planning is a great way to ensure that you have the essentials for any unexpected emergency. Make sure your car runs well and has ample gas, as well as tires in good condition before setting out on winter roads this season. Create an itinerary with specific destinations planned such that they can be reached if there’s ever a need to get somewhere quickly during transit; also, pack chargers or power-friendly devices so you’re never without your phone if something unexpected occurs. 

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